The Duress Shopper Experience

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The I Can Fix It Stage

The Product Support Stage

User Manuals

Owning quality product support resources is the first step towards alleviating duress consumers. Quality product support is also linked to greater purchase intent.

Q & A

71% of e-commerce shoppers expect help within five minutes - either from FAQs, support resources, or contact sections. Be prepared.

Direct Chat

Over 55% of customers would pay extra to guarantee a better support service. When in duress, direct operators and open chat lines are the way to go, not robots.

The Call-for-Help Stage

Making the Call

The dreaded point where a consumer must finally pick up the phone to call a support line. 83% of more than 5,000 consumers said they consistently needed some type of support during their purchase.

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Queue the Waiting Music

Immediately putting a consumer into any sort of wait will potentially reduce future purchase rates. 82% of consumers ranked getting an issue resolved quickly as a top element in a great online experience.

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Should I Hang Up?

Multiple or long support barriers will put shoppers deeper into duress. 56% of consumers rate getting their issue resolved quickly as the most important part of a service experience.

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Explaining the Problem

Non-automated support channels are the best way to directly address consumer problems. 45% of consumers rated dealing with a friendly customer service rep as highly important.

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Its Broken

Unresolved support problems can be costly. In fact, an estimated $41 billion is lost by US companies each year due to poor customer service.

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The Brand Impression Stage

The Repair or Replace Stage

The Duress Shopper Audience is Huge

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